Branded Ingredients

Sucrosomial®: Improved Absorption and Bioavailability

Sucrosomial® minerals enhance mineral absorption through a unique technology in which a mineral is conveyed into a liposomal-like structure made up of a phospholipid and a sucrose ester of fatty acids (sucresters), called a sucrosome.

The sucresters act as emulsifiers, surrounding the liposomal-like structure that encapsulates the microelement, in this way increasing its absorption and bioavailability. Because the mineral is encapsulated, its absorption is not impacted by the presence of other nutrients.*

Several laboratory and animal tests have shown that the sucrose esters of fatty acids utilized in Sucrosomial technology are effective vehicles for improving solubility, dissolution, absorption, bioavailability, and palatability.

Bio Active Ingredients carries a full line of Sucrosomial® minerals including the just launched Sucrosomial Vitamin D3 with a new study due to publish this Fall.

  • Sucrosomial® Vitamin D3
  • Sucrosomial® Calcium
  • Sucrosomial® Magnesium
  • Sucrosomial® Selenium
  • Sucrosomial® Zinc
  • Sucrosomial® Chromium
  • Sucrosomial® Iodine

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COLLinstant®: Natural collagen peptides as healthy alternative

The world’s largest collagen manufacturer, Viscofan, offers two grades of collagen peptide powders with proven consumer benefits for skin and joint health.

German manufactured COLLinstant® collagen peptide hydrolysate powders are offered with different particle size and morphology, resulting in the standard molecular weight COLLinstant®.


  • Dietary Supplements (powders, capsules, gummies)
  • Functional Foods (bars, baked goods, beverages, snacks)

Ingredient Features

  • COLLinstant®: Standard molecular weight
  • Dust-free / free-flowing powder
  • Unbleached / less processed
  • Neutral odor & taste
  • High solubility in cold, room, and hot temperatures

Consumer Benefits

The COLLinstant® family provides science-backed support for skin, joint, and bone health in great tasting (neutral), convenient products backed with clinical studies, consistent quality, and known ingredient provenance
Clean-label COLLinstant® are free of preservatives, additives, or chemical modifications, resulting in optimal digestibility with no allergenic potential
Both collagen hydrolysates are highly soluble even in cold water, exhibit neutral taste, and are easily digestible.  This allows consumers many options to enjoy the benefits every day and meet their individual health and wellness goals

Scientific Evidence

Both grades have clinical studies and a commitment to ongoing review for expanded consumer positioning. COLLinstant® has proven effects on joint health.

Certifications Safety and Compliance

  • Full traceability
  • Allergen-free
  • BSE- & GMO-free
  • Halal and Kosher
  • ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer

COLLinstant® LMW: Next level skin beauty from within!

COLLinstant® Low Molecular Weight is a novel cosmeceutical with low molecular weight collagen peptides that promote skin beauty ‒ fast, efficient and effective.

Based on the established COLLinstant® collagen formula, Viscofan has developed COLLinstant® LMW as a highly efficient collagen hydrolysate with a low molecular weight ≤ 1000 Da and a favorable peptide profile according to the latest scientific knowledge. Its clinically tested fast and profound effects on skin appearance, the ease of use and its high acceptance rank COLLinstant® LMW as next generation cosmeceutical.

A novel collagen: bioactive di- and tripeptides make the difference

In contrast to regular collagen hydrolysates, COLLinstant® LMW contains a high amount of glycine and proline-rich peptides (Gly-X-Y).

These small, bioactive molecules are a major advantage over regular collagen formulas: They mediate a quick and efficient uptake in the digestive tract, are highly bioavailable, and feature an enhanced stability & efficacy especially in the skin.

Here, they serve as building material and stimulator for the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that lead to an improvement of skin appearance.

Skin improvements in clinical study

The standard recommendation for normal molecular weight collagen food supplements to achieve skin & anti-aging improvements is a daily intake of 10 g over a period of at least 6 months.

Low molecular weight collagen with a high content of bioactive tri- and dipeptides is more effective with a quicker onset: In a low dosage clinical study, a daily intake of only 2.5 g COLLinstant® LMW for 6 weeks was sufficient to elucidate beneficial effects on skin health: The low molecular weight formula led to a significant reduction of wrinkles, a considerable increase in skin hydration as well as to modest improvements in skin elasticity.

SatisCOLL®: the satiety collagen formula

SatisCOLL® is an engineered novel collagen formula that contributes to satiety and promotes wellbeing.

Weight management is a central pillar of wellbeing and health-conscious consumers choose lean diets that are often not filling. Viscofan has used its long-standing expertise to design SatisCOLL® as a unique collagen powder that contributes to satiety without gastrointestinal side effects and in addition promotes wellbeing.

Key facts about SatisCOLL®

  • White bovine collagen powder of dermal origin
  • Collagen type I with intact natural protein structure
  • Recommended daily intake: 2×10 g daily (e.g. weight control bars as meal replacement)

Key benefits for the consumers

  • Promotes longer lasting satiety, contributes to weight management
  • Beneficial source of collagen for general wellbeing
  • No gastrointestinal side effects as evaluated in clinical observation (no abdominal discomfort, esophageal or gastrointestinal tract obstructions)
  • Suited for consumers of all ages
  • GMO- & BSE-free
  • Hypoallergenic

Key benefits for the food manufacturer

  • Flexible ingredient for food design, e.g. weight control bars or cookies
  • Value adding high protein content
  • Protein ingredient with novel features
  • Made in Germany according to latest science & manufacturing standards